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Why I'm Running - Bill Gerber

My wife, Jessica, and I chose Fairfield 27 years ago. Here, we had our three children - John, Teddy and Gillian, and sent them to our first-rate public schools. It’s here in Fairfield that we mourned the loss of Teddy at age 9 to cancer.  And it’s here that we found the strength to keep going with the love and support of friends, neighbors, family, and Fairfielders we didn't even know before. We love Fairfield. Our bonds here are unbreakable and are blind to political affiliation. Democrat, Republican, Unaffiliated, apolitical - in the end, it's always been the content of one's character that matters.  


Fairfield has both opportunities and challenges. Some serious  challenges are the result of decades of growth without sufficient long-term planning. 


It's time to raise the bar for town management, to transcend politics, and to create a sustainable foundation for future generations. I want to apply my 30 years of professional experience and education in finance, business, and public health to do just that.  Join me and my running mate, Christine Vitale - together, we can build that foundation. “Together, We’re Better”

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