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Committed to raising the bar for town management, transcending politics, and creating a sustainable foundation for future generations of Fairfielders.

A message from First Selectman-Elect Bill Gerber and Selectman-Elect Christine Vitale

On November 7th, thousands of Fairfield voters came to polls in support of the Gerber-Vitale team and in doing so, showed they truly want the collaborative government we need to confront the challenges facing our community. We could not be more grateful for the confidence voters have placed in us and the countless family, friends and volunteers who supported us along the way. 

Now we begin the work of assembling a new administration and the process for transition. We look forward to continued collaboration with all members of
our community and are excited to get to work.



Collaborators who believe in consensus building and inclusion, and who will work across the aisle regardless of political affiliation, background, or ideology.


Highly qualified professionals with operational, financial and management expertise who will govern with transparency, integrity, ethics and accountability.


Visionaries who believe in smart, sustainable, long-term planning that takes safety, quality of life, cost of living, and environmental concerns into consideration.

Bill Gerber, Democrat

Candidate for First Selectman

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Christine Vitale, Democrat

Candidate for Selectman

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WITH MORE THAN 15 YEARS combined of serving Fairfield, Bill and Christine know that good government means leading with honesty, hiring qualified professionals, and engaging the public in decision-making.  Through prioritizing economic growth, education, and public safety, they are ready to lead all of Fairfield into a prosperous future.

Gerber Vitale
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