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Bill Gerber comments on misuse of town credit cards.

We have broken financial controls in Town Hall and a CEO who doesn’t understand why this is a problem. This isn’t just about credit cards. It’s about systemic failures in our town government. Early in her tenure, the First Selectwoman was informed of suspected credit card misuse and her Administration ignored it. When asked by a reporter why the 2020 audit was ignored, her response was, "Why would I ever be thinking about credit card policies when we walked in here. ... Why the hell would we be thinking about that?” then minimized the offense, saying, "It's not as egregious as what I think most people, including myself, were expecting."

Taxpayer money has been spent without anyone verifying that the expenses were valid. Subsequent audits have raised similar concerns related to failures around bidding and contract compliance. These types of failures led to the very corruption that the First Selectwoman ran on cleaning up. And the $21,000 offense she references relates only to the tiny portion of overall Town expenditures that were investigated. Sadly, the First Selectwoman has demonstrated that she has not only failed to fix the problems she was hired to fix, but she doesn’t even comprehend them. Fairfield deserves better than broken promises, excuses, and more of the blame game.

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