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More on the Safe and Livable Streets Ordinance submitted by Bill Gerber

Updated: Sep 26

I am excited to announce I recently submitted a draft of a Safe and Livable Streets Ordinance to the RTM's Legislation and Administration Committee (L&A).

This is a response to concerns I have heard from Fairfield residents regarding traffic safety for everyone who uses local roads. The ordinance is a product of ten months of research and work with residents and others who have an in-depth understanding of "Complete Streets" design and planning, shared right-of-way safety, and municipal law.

Among other things, this ordinance would apply a legal mandate to Fairfield's Complete Streets Policy. Currently, applying the policy is optional, and the process for addressing street safety issues can be confusing, frustrating, and often inconsistent.

Adoption of this ordinance will improve the scope and pace of Fairfield's transformation into a safer, more walking, biking, and driving-friendly community and provide more ways for people of all ages and abilities to physically engage with our community.

Watch my video message on the Ordinance.

Additionally, you can read a copy of the proposed ordinance here, the campaign's press release here, and an article in the FAIRFIELD CITIZEN here.

Please get in touch with me or Christine if you have any questions or comments on this ordinance or would like to share ideas on improving life in our Town.

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